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Hymn for a life time…

It was this same day last year. The 14th of february , yup the valentines day. The roses in the flower shops were little too proud that day as those little bastards decided the fate for many and the early morning couples entering the beach holding hands constantly raised the temper of the regular single joggers. Love traffic was too much that day. The whole morning was filled with love all over but I couldn’t see all that because I woke up only at noon , that too after my mother’s master technique of switching off the fan. As I began to explain her that it was a sunday, she explained to me that iam taking everyday as a sunday. I could have talked back but i didnt because I felt she was ready with more points and so I felt it was time to accept my defeat.

 After some time , I logged on to facebook only to know that it was valentines day and people have already started posting with #bae hashtags from midnight and it made me instantly sad but thanks to some anti valentines day memes from my fellow single army. I wanted to check about the valentines day ‘culture’ so i decided to google it. Read the word ‘culture’ again. As I began to read all the posts suddenly a completely contrast one to the topic showed up. It read ‘Coldplay misrepresents indian culture’. I went in leaving my lazy mind to read it and came to know that it was about a song called ‘Hymn for the weekend’ and I directly youtubed it. As I started to listen to it , I didn’t know that this song is going to mean so much to me. I instantly liked it and disliked all the comments against culture and other stupid things. I felt it was just a song and it was great.

Days passed and I just began to realise that I was way too much addicted to it , like I have never been addicted this much to a song. There were days where all I did was just listen to the song again and again and I even felt that it was time to stop this habit and move on to the next happening song but it never leaved me. To talk like a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan I was addicted to that song like how ross was addicted to marriages , how joey was addicted to food and how chandler was addicted to sarcasm and ofcourse to monica too. I even began to think like why iam this much addicted to a song. Like, is it the lyrics or is it the music or is it the video or is it just because it was coldplay but I have never come out with results. Its just that there’s a song for everyone and this song is for me. I even learnt to play it finally after some constant notes stealing activities.

The other thing I personally like about this song is the circumstances I was in when I  heard it. I was high with my friends and this song made perfect sense , I was at my lowest best in life and still it made perfect sense , I was lonely and it made sense  and I was riding my bike pretending to be in a music video and it still made sense. I wonder often like who has even listened to this song more than me so that I will be given a grammy if there ever was for listening to a song this many times or maybe I could end up writing it in my professional skills area on my resume.

The only reason I wrote this blog was because today I just freaked out when my music was in shuffle mode and this song played up , like why this song. Another reason is I haven’t written anything for a long time 😉 I can end it by saying happy valentines day but since its my first blog for the year , Happy new year 2017 *Internet explorer mode on*

*Year 2030*

Me- the way chris martin sings is just

People – Stop it you boring idiot

My Thoughts

​WEAK is the new STRONG

You may be wondering , wow ! What a great positive way to start a first blog post after reading the word ‘WEAK’ but you got to believe me that this is the best way i could have ever started. May be the word ‘weak’ is very ‘weak’ when read alone but it pretends as if its not that much ‘weak’ when it joins with strong. Yes because to be strong , first you have to be weak. its just like to be old and wise , you must first be young and stupid.
They call you weak? Cry baby? They depict themselves as strong people? Laugh at you? Believe me they are not stronger than you. Like they fell from the third step of a floor, got up and shouted iam strong but what about you? You fell from the first floor, twisted your knee , got up and went to write your arrear exam after which your girl friend/boy friend called you saying they cant tolerate you anymore and they are breaking up with you. You begged them enough to stay, all they did was cut the call. Just when you think you had enough you return home and all you saw was your mother who was suffering from a minor fever. You prayed to God for her quick recovery and the funny thing is you are an atheist. And finally you broke out , you cried alone for everything that happened to you. But the question is , whether you are strong or the one who fell from the third step and called you weak is strong? . You may be weak but iam asking you who is actually strong ?
Ok now lets play this ‘have you ever’ game. its simple , all you need to do is answer yourself with a yes or a no.

Have you ever felt pain in your heart while thinking about something that you even thought you’ll not survive the remaining night ? Have you ever been so numb and dumb that you even heard a crazy fun edm mix like say one from diplo with a full sad face? Have you ever lost a loved one? Have you ever settled for less? I mean settling for less is wrong but iam just asking , like it could be anything , your career?, dreams? or even say a coffee, like you wanted to have one at starbucks but you settled for the one from a roadside shop just because you couldn’t afford it. And finally have you ever accepted things just because you had no other option?

I dont know if you said a yes or a no to yourself , i even dont know if you felt weak if it was an ‘yes’ but did you even realise how strong you are without even you knowing it , like you survived everything you thought you wouldn’t , i mean till now you are breathing right ? And for the ones who call you weak , they are not strong nor they are weak , they are neither. They are the ones who had not got hit by life till now because a weak knows what its like to be worthless and a strong knows how it feels like to be  weak.

Finally , do you even know why we keep moving forward even if we dont want to ? Why we start to accept things even if we dint want to? Its because of two words…            

               HOPE and CHANGE

A little ‘Hope’ that everything will ‘Change’ and you know what? You keep pushing , thats what 🙂