My memories


I got admission in mechanical engineering at one of the best educational institutions in my city , The SRM University (thanks to my average mark and my dad’s hard earned money). It was the first day of my college life and my daddy dropped me in college (that’s what I call him even though I so badly want to call him ‘Appa‘). He gave me 200 rupees since it was my first day and left with a smile as he always does.

I went in and my name was in mechanical ‘B’ section. I went to the class and sat in the last bench as I always do. First two hours were awkward but after that every thing cleared up with some ‘Hi’ and ‘What’s ur name’ and by evening we were talking about all kinds of stuffs. A week went like this and by the time I thought iam getting friends , there came a attendar man telling that my name is not registered in this class list and I have to go to the next class ‘The Mech – C‘. Getting up from there and going to the next class was the hardest thing for me to do at that time eventhough I have done much more hard things after that. I went into the next class and all I could see was the 50 -55 guys staring at me (actually looking). Days passed and all I did was come to ‘Mech – B’ during breaks and never talk to the always staring mean guys in ‘Mech – C’. 

But I never knew that the constantly staring mean guys would end up meaning so much to me. I dont know how we started talking , I dont know how we became close because I was not ready to get close and go sit in the next class again, but everything happened to my suprise. After 4 months , we were not friends but brothers. I had so many first time things with them. The first time I went on a roadtrip , The first time I drank beer , The first time I got a hindi best friend , The first time I celebrated holi , The first time I felt content. DAMN , there were so many first times.

Another best friend of mine was my bench. The last bench were I sat with the trademark ‘135‘ written with whitener on it (my roll no.). She was special.

But as they say , every good thing must come to an end and it actually came to an end. It was the first day of second year and I was sitting in my favourite bench and there came an attendar man again (Damn , they are evil for sure). He called 10 names to go see the H.O.D and my name was there too. We went and all he said was you have less credits and you have to study first year again or discontinue the course. As we thought he was joking he made sure it was real by calling the parents and my dad came in an hour , the last time he came to college was during my first day. He shouted at them for not informing these before , he supported me asusual but it was of no use. As I began to realise everything happening around was real , I checked the sheet and I was the only guy with 19 credits (20 were needed).
My dad told me not to worry about this since it was not my fault  (that’s how he is). I went to class along with my 9 friends and sat there but attendance was not taken for us and you know what ? I never went to that class again. After few days, our ID’s were taken from us and we were not allowed in class. Every one from that class gave us a emotional send off in the canteen and promised to stay in touch. It happened at a speed where I was unable to react and it took few days to accept it as it was. I dint even say a proper goodbye to my favourite bench , she never knew that I would not be coming from tomorrow.

People always tell me , ‘You should have studied’ , ‘It was your fault’ , ‘Did you think about your parents’ and so on but the only answer I have is ‘I dont know’. I dint know about changing sections , credit points , discontinuing the course or anything. Even now , I DONT KNOW. I dont know whether this blog is even good or not .The only thing I know is one moment can change everything and one point can change everything.
After all this , its been 3 years and it would be good to say I have moved on in my life and i’ve seen much more good , bad , worse things but that one year will always be special to me. The reason I wrote this is because it was the farewell for Mech – C yesterday and my friend was kind enough to tag me in this picthe farewell which I wanted for all these years 🙂