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Just Imagine the word ‘UNPREDICTABLE’ instead of ‘Untold’ in his biopic ‘M.S.Dhoni : The Untold Story’. If any word describes him rightly , its the word ‘UNPREDICTABLE’. There is a reason why many didn’t like the movie. Maybe there was nothing ‘Untold’ in it. But,was that the makers mistake that we fans knew each and everything about him and our only job other than watching him play was to know about him. Did we kill Youtube too much with this Dhoni Drug ?  Are we loving this guy too much ?

There is a sense of protection we feel when we are with our loved ones no matter how badly hurt we are , Dhoni is like that to us. No matter what until he is there , we are safe(that kinda feel). Like you know you are protected when 9 wickets are down and still 20 more runs are required but still the opposition is the one who is under pressure because there is this guy adjusting his glove and doing his signature ‘shirt’ gesture before every ball is bowled. He even wins you the match and everyone are celebrating the hell out but this guy leaves the field with absolutely no emotions. Is he real ? Are we being over protected by him ? 

I dont know whether he is real but yeah we were over protected by him. As I said , he was always ‘UNPREDICTABLE’. He was so Unpredictable that he announced his test retirement in australia with still a test to go in the already dead series. Maybe he would have received a well deserved farewell had he retired like how others did but all he thought was ‘it will be an opportunity for someone like wriddhiman saha’. Why did he give us so many hard pills to swallow , because he was UNPREDICTABLE…Or maybe he was just a SLAVE TO HIS OWN MIND…

You would have got used to this unpredictable nature of his if you were a die hard fan of him like me. But no matter how much prepared you are , it will still hurt  because you are only Dhoni fan and not Dhoni. No matter how many times we convince ourselves not to think about it , we all know its  final few years for him in the team and its only going to hurt more than before and the only thing we will have are those nostalgic memories right from his long hair dont care days to his days with the Indian army to act as a medicine.

Finally , what if sreesanth dropped that catch in 2007 t20 WC ? what if joginder sharma got hit badly and pakistan won the match with 3 more balls to spare ? What if MSD got out Lbw to muttiah muralidaran in the 2011 wc finals ? What if yuvraj came in asusual instead of M.S.D ? There are so many ‘What if’s’ right ? Thats MSD , as always UNPREDICTABLE. By the way , all these things didn’t happen just because he was lucky but because he is Mahendra Singh Dhoni.  Happy birthday Thala :*


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