My memories

Dear Daddy

          This post and the love i have for you are both the same , il never express it as i wanted to. 
        i dont know how to start this , i dont know what all to write , i remember everything like it happened yesterday…the small house we lived in , the bike rides after school with you, the way i used to hug you tight and sleep everynight , the first time you beat me…i remember everything, i even remember how you were for the next few days after beating me and it freaks me out that you have not beaten me once after that, i have had all the best times of my childhood with you but as i grew older , we became more formal and words exchanged between us were comparatively less. i became more of a mummy’s boy which is actually common, may be this little distance occurs because of the respect, i dont know. But i dont care about that little distance because i know you will always be there for me. you have gone through so much because of me , i have let you down many times but you never gave up on me , you didnt even when i myself gave up on me.  i know how much you love me and how much you suffer when something bad happens to me.i know the days where you used to sit near me and touch me without waking me up, daddy i was not even sleeping that day. i know no one can love me like how you do and you have no idea how much i love you, maybe we never express our love towards eachother because its too deep to even express. i may tell or act like iam mummy’s boy but you are first to me, even mummy comes only second. i will never express or show you but you are my most favourite person in this world. One day i will make you proud…
Happy Birthday Daddy 🙂

Love you 


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